Thank You for Your Generosity

Thank you to all who attended this Live event. Please know that we have recorded it, and we will be replaying it soon. We will also be updating this page with the total giving and showing you where all the funds are going in the next few days, so check back often. Also, if you would like to give, we are still accepting donations. Simply click the link below.

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UPDATE: Christians Caught in the Middle of the Conflict

Thank you, everyone, for attending and donating. Your generosity is outstanding! As you can see below, we have raised a lot of money and are happy to announce that all of the money has been distributed to the Holy Land. Please see the chart below and the PDF receipts to show where the funds are being used to ease the suffering in the Holy Land.

Total Giving




Has been donated.


Matching from Select international Tours.

Where is the Money Being Used?

The funds from this giving campaign have been distributed to multiple programs based on your direction at the time of donation. Most donations were earmarked to be used wherever most needed. We worked closely with the Latin Patriarchate Chancellery in Jerusalem to help assess where the funds are most needed at this time. Here is a breakdown of how the funds are being used:

Funds Received by: Amount: Used for:
Latin Patriarchate Chancellery in Jerusalem $60,000.00 Schools
Latin Patriarchate Chancellery in Jerusalem $30,000.00 Gaza Food Relief
Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (Mor Aphrem) $20,382.00 Christian Education
Steps Child Development Center $12,000.00 Special Needs Children
Hogar Nino Dios (Home for Special Children) $12,050.00 Special Needs Children
Direct Financial Support $2,050.00 Families in Bethlehem
Total Distributed: $136,482.00

Miss the Event or Want to See it Again?

Many of you have asked if you can view the event again, or share it with your friends and family. We have good news: now you can! Click below to watch the video right now. Want to share it with friends and family? Just share this link:

As you are certainly aware, our brother and sisters living in the Holy Land still need our help. Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift if you are able, and continue to join us in prayer daily for peace to return to the Holy Land.

Donate $250 or More, and We Will Send You a Pilgrim Rosary as a Gift.

Praying for our brothers and sister in the Holy Land is an important part of supporting them. That is why we are so excited to have partnered with Fr. David Michael Moses, creator of the Pilgrim Rosary, for this giving event. When you support Christians living in the Holy Land during this event with a donation of $250 or more, we will send you a Pilgrim Rosary to begin spreading the power or prayer with the people you meet.

Thanks to Our Wonderful Hosts, Donors Will Receive Many Gifts.

  • Donate $500 and receive a copy of Stephen J. Binz’s book, Holy Land Pilgrimage
  • The first ten people to donate $1000 will receive a copy of The Great Adventure Bible signed by Jeff Cavins.
  • The first five people to donate $5000 will receive a selection of books from the hosts of this live stream and an official Plating Grace apron.
  • And…the first two people to donate $10,000 will receive a special visit from Fr. Leo himself! He will prepare a meal for you and up to ten guests at your home.

*Please note that all gifts have already been claimed.


You May Donate at Any Time

Select to Give is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations are tax-deductible.