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Select to Give needs the constant support of prayer, a few key volunteers, and the generous donations of Christians who care deeply about the Holy Land.


Prayer Intentions are Always Welcome

Please join us in praying for the Christian population in the Holy Land. Pray that they are safe and their daily needs are met. Pray that they have peace during these times of uncertainty. Pray that their children learn and continue their Christian tradition.

If you would like to send your prayer intention to the Holy Land, please click the button above and we will print and send it with one of Select International Tours’ pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Send your Prayer to the Holy Land

Write out your prayer intention and we will send it to the Holy Land for you.
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Extend Your Stay and Volunteer

Select to Give offers volunteer opportunities to pilgrims participating in Select International Tours’ trips to the Holy Land. Participants may choose to extend their stay and volunteer their time and expertise working with children, educators, and women entrepreneurs.

Select to Give can provide accommodations for the extended stay of up to one week for volunteers with specific experience related to the needs of one of the foundation programs.  Interested pilgrims must complete a professional profile enabling us to determine the best fit of qualifications to needs, along with a project proposal based on the parameters established by Select to Give.

Volunteers are needed to help at Hogar Nino Dios and with Microgrant projects.



Can You Give One Week to Share Your Expertise
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Your Trips Supports Christians

Did you know that Select International Tours donates $10 for every pilgrim they send to the Holy Land? When you choose Select, you are helping Christians! Want to help more? Select International Tours will also match the first $50 of ANY donation.

Select International Tours works with Christian guides and many Christian-owned businesses; including hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. These businesses, in turn, support many Christian, cooks, artisans, servers, housekeepers, etc.. Pilgrimage tourism provides many jobs for Christian families living in the Holy Land. So your trip will help them in many ways.

Please Consider Supporting Select to Give

You May Donate at Any Time

Select to Give is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations are tax-deductible.